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In her eyes he saw hope.

In his eyes she saw fire.

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Birthdate:May 8
Website:causmicfire's fanfics
Me? I'm a writer, reader, and student. I like to observe the world. I love to learn new things, so I will forever be a student. One day I will be also be a teacher, passing on what I have learned to the next generation. If I can only plant the seed of the love for learning in another's mind I will be content when I die. I love literature, my first true love will never die. I love the sound waves make when they break on the shore. I like to fall asleep on the grass when the day is warm and the sun is shining. I absolutely love to make people laugh and smile, even if it is at my own expense. I bite my nails when I get to a particularly suspenseful part of a book. I have trouble typing the word 'the' correctly. I like to stay up late into the night. I usually write or read before I go to bed, which results in some strange dreams. I enjoy my job. I would like to be a ripple in a lake.
On another note, I am not fully sane, like most people, and I don't try to hide it either!

My name is causmicfire you can find me at

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